Forgotten password

You forgot your password, central module is locked with a password

To delete and renew the passwort you´ll need a temporary one.

To get this, please follow the instructions hereafter:
-Inform the DINA-Support-Team via mail or phone ( or +49 (0)7022 95 17-1)
 - they will start a keygenerator.
- Now, please open in the Designer-Software the tab "project" and follow the path
  ->settings ->security settings.
- Click "help" to open the following window:
The code you see here is only valid for 15 minutes to unlock the device, so it is necessary to directly communicate this code to the DINA-Service-Team! 
You´ll then receive a master-password to unlock your device.

To set up a new password, please first insert "0000" as new password to overwrite old ones. After that, you can insert your new password